Best WordPress Backup Plugins

What if your website goes down for a few minutes? What if you lose all the data on your site without any prior warning? Even the thought of it is frightening, isn’t it? You can’t afford to be losing all your data just like that! But, this might happen to you at anytime. Now, you may wonder what can cause a website to fail. There may be a variety of reasons like improper coding, malware infection, payment delays/failure, or accidental data deletion. So, do you have any preventive measures for this situation? For those who haven’t yet, we are here to help you learn about a variety of WordPress plugins that you can use to backup your pages, photos, posts and all that is present on your WordPress site. You need a plugin that helps in backup of your site, easy restoring and automated functions. Here is an extensive list of such plugins that you can choose from.



This plugin is developed by Automattic, which is the parent company of WordPress, this being the biggest advantage. Along with automated backups, it also conducts security scans everyday to make sure that your website is completely safe. Both real-time and daily syncing by VaultPress ensures that you have the backup of the latest version.


Used by more than 85,000 WordPress websites, this plugin automatically backs up your site when any new changes are introduced. It facilitates individual file backup and easy restore. The entire backup is stored to Dropbox, which are made secure with encryption.


This plugin has protected more than half a million WordPress websites since 2010! It facilitates an easy full site backup, which can be scheduled based on the user’s convenience. The backup files and data with BackupBuddy can be stored in an offsite location, and the backup procedures notify the users with email notifications.

Backup Guard

This is an easy-to-use plugin that simplifies the backup and restore processes. It facilitates unlimited backup and restores with a single click, thus indicating a quick process. It also facilitates customized backups where the users can choose specific folders for keeping a backup.


With its easy-to-use interface and security, UpdraftPlus can backup large files from large sites by distributing data in different archives. Its easy-to-use dashboards can remotely control the backup database that are stored on different platforms like UpdraftPlus Vault, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, etc.


One of the most trusted plugins, BackWPup allows complete backup of all files and data, with the facility of scheduling automatic backups. Your site can be backup-ed to Microsoft Azure or Amazon S3, and the backup database and logs can be tracked via email.


Using automated restoring tools, this plugin helps recover your files unlimitedly facilitated by a single account. All your data and files are encrypted and stored safely with 256 bit encryption. Moreover, the backup files are compressed to 10% of the size of the original.


You may either backup your site instantly or schedule it for a later date with Duplicator. With a large database support, Duplicator can clone a site from different locations. It has easy backup and restore processes with email notifications to keep the users updated.

WP Time Capsule

This plugin will backup your website everyday to Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon S3. It backs up only the files in which changes have been made, rather than storing the entire site every time. It restores data based on revision history.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

The name of this plugin itself says that it automatically uploads the backup of your WordPress site to Dropbox. You can customize backups by choosing specific files for storage. With quick and easy install, you can store your backup in locations that are convenient for you.

WP Clone

As the name says, you can copy or clone your WordPress site to another domain or server with WP Clone. This plugin keeps a backup and restores only the user content instead of storing all the system files.

You need to choose the right plugin that can perform the job for you absolutely well without any compromises in security. Do not delay the task of backing up your site and data whatsoever the condition. You must immediately seek the help of proficient WordPress Web developers in Bangalore if you have no idea about backing up your site, so that they can do it for you without any risk to your data.


You may lose website data without any prior notice for any reason whatsoever. Thus, you need to take preventive measures beforehand like using WordPress backup plugins that help to backup your site. Choose the most appropriate plugin from this extensive list.