Lessons from beautiful Web pages

What Are The Most Important Features For A Successful Home Page?

Have you been investing all your time in building the most beautiful website pages that appeal to the eyes of the visitors? Do you think this is what will attract them? In a way, yes! But, having only a beautiful page will not help to retain the visitors. In order for them to convert into a customer or subscriber, you need something more. The best web design company knows that there needs to be great marketing and functionality on a home page that will help in conversions. Remember that it is not always the most beautiful homepages that help. At times, it is seen that even the most hideous website converts better than a better-looking website. So, it isn’t necessary that you have the most stunning homepage to make it successful. Obviously, work towards making it pleasing to the eyes but, here are many other important features you need to focus upon.

Lessons from beautiful Web pages


The first thing visitors will notice about you is your brand. How your logo is designed, what colour, fonts and styling is used, and how it relates to your niche is very important. Create a logo with simplistic yet attractive fonts, use the colours that blend with your product/service range and make sure the logo represents your goals and target. Build a feeling of trust and confidence within the minds of the visitors for your brand.


Imagine great chunks of text all over a page. How much does this interest you? And, what if you have a relevant image or two along with the content? Obviously, it will give a break to the tedious-looking page and retain visitors for longer to go through your content. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to put images plainly anywhere on the page. Place relevant photos strategically so that the eyes of the visitors are immediately drawn to the most important places and keeps them engaged.


You need to have clear call-to-action elements on your page to let visitors know what you want them to exactly do. Provide clear Subscribe here, Buy now, Download, Sign up and other buttons to let them know what to click next. Also, if possible, provide only a single call-to-action on the homepage so that visitors don’t get confused with multiple offerings.

Proof and reviews

Visitors want to be highly satisfied and sure before wanting to convert. They need to be assured that they are going to get the best from you. If you already have a significant number of happy customers, make sure to get a few great reviews from them posted on your homepage. Also, provide some kind of proof as to how you have been giving your customers the best. For example, if your business relates to hair therapy services, provide picture proofs of how your clients were before they got your services and how they look now after you healed them. But, whatever you do, make sure you do not provide false proofs or fake reviews.


The language you use should be able to compel visitors to believe and trust you. Use words that focus on the benefits your customers will achieve from you. Use strong phrases that will tell them in brief about how your products/services are going to transform their living, and make sure to highlight them – maybe in a different colour, different font size or by bolding the specific words to attract immediate attention.

Time count

Have you seen how eCommerce websites show a clock counting down the seconds before the onset or termination of a grand sale? This clock creates anxiety in the visitors to know what the sale will be offering when a few minutes are left for the sale to open, or to shop immediately for their favourite products before the sale runs out. This is a tried and tested marketed technique where your users know that time is running out and they thus, take appropriate action.


If you have your blogs featured on websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post, who wouldn’t trust you? Endorsements create a big sense of belief in the minds of visitors because they can see that such high-quality and renowned websites have vouched for you. So, make sure to highlight these endorsements to help remove a sense of fear that visitors may have before providing you their important information like email address and other details.