4 Tools To Find Out The Amount Of Traffic A Website Gets

There are various reasons why you may want to find out how much traffic a website is getting. It may be because you want to check how much traffic other websites in your niche are getting so that you can compete with them. It may be because you want to start up a website and want to research the niche to find out how much people are interested. Whatever the reason may be, there are many ways you can find out traffic data of a particular site. Although it is difficult to measure the traffic of a site accurately but, there are many tools that can give you approximate values of page views and unique visitors. Listed below are 4 of the best tools.


Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the best tools for monitoring website statistics. You can use the Display Planner to learn about a site’s traffic and demographics. You can monitor worldwide stats as well as stats by region. You can get all the basic stats with Google Adwords like page views, unique visitors, demographic details and more. To get the information, you need to go to Display Planner and sign in with your Google Account. Then, you need to put in the site’s domain for which you want to get the information in the search box. Remove geographic targeting to see global traffic, and click ‘Get Placement Ideas’. This will show you the average impressions per week of the domain.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush helps to find information about your competitors’ paid ad campaign and other details. You can get lots of information revolving around organic search traffic for any website. All you do is put in the website URL and you will know how that particular site has fared in organic search over time. You can split this data by country, which will let you know which sites are sending traffic. You can also check for keywords that are bringing the most visitors. You can estimate how much traffic a website gets for every keyword based on position and search volume.


Alexa tracks statistics for those who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Thus, the data represented is not very accurate but, it gives a rough idea of a website’s popularity. Based on a combined measure of page views and unique visitors, Alexa gives estimates on the number of search analytics, audience information, bounce rate and much more. If you use Chrome, you can install the Alexa extension; if you use Firefox, you can get the Alexa add-on; and if you use Internet Explorer, you can download the Alexa toolbar.


SimilarWeb is a website traffic checker that is more accurate than the others with lots of more details. It gives you a line graph with values for the number of daily unique visitors and the sources. You can learn about the site’s traffic, countries that are sending the most traffic, how much time users spend on a site, keywords that bring in organic referrals, top referring sites, top destination sites, audience interests, display ads and much more.


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Keeping an eye on your competitors’ websites is important. You can keep a check on the amount of traffic they are getting, their page views, unique visitors, ranking keywords, bounce rates and much more by using tools like Google AdWords, SEM Rush, Alexa and SimilarWeb.


How To Share The Best Content On Your Social Media Accounts?

If you are having a tough time finding content that is highly-shareable for your social media accounts, we are here to help you. Here are some ways on how you can find the best content that your audience will love and some other techniques on how you can increase the likelihood of your content to be one that is highly-shareable.


How to find the best shareable content?

Use user generated content

Social media marketing strategies highly depend upon user generated content, which include blog posts, reviews, polls, quizzes, surveys, webinars, contests, etc. For example, people while considering purchasing a product or service, would like to hear from others who have already used the same. This would be a higher trust factor for potential customers. So, it is highly recommended to use user generated content but, most importantly, only after asking for the users’ permission to do so otherwise they might feel that you are violating their privacy rights.

Share what your audience likes

Share content that a great part of the audience is already inclining towards. You can use the hashtag tracking technique to find out what content is interesting them. You can use tools that automatically show the content that is getting most popular for a particular hashtag. Obviously, you need to be careful with this technique because it isn’t necessary that what is trending with the audience is good enough to share. You need to be aware of what is in the news and discussions.

Use curation tools

Curation tools are those that can be set up to automatically find and share content that fits certain parameters like keyword matching, hashtag usage, etc. But, you must be very careful with such automatic tools because you can’t completely depend on them. These tools may post any and every thing they find fitting your parameters, which could even include anything weird or inappropriate.

Use content from influencers

Share the content that influencers post. If you want to follow a particular influencer and you trust that whatever he will post is sure to be appropriate and honourable, you can set up social media sharing tools that will let you automatically share whatever he publishes. But again, you need to be very careful with such tools too. Use them only if you are very confident of the influencer.

What other techniques should you implement?

Find the best time for publishing

You need to plan which is the best time for publishing your content so that a maximum number of audiences can view it. You may check on your analytics data to find out the best time. Or, you may try posting at different times of the day and week to see which time slot works the best for you. You may rely on the studies that have found out the best time to post on particular social media platforms but remember, your audience may behave differently from the general audience.

Repost the best content

You put in so much effort and time to create a perfect social media update. What for? Just to post it once? This is not enough. Repost your content multiple times to bring it in front of a high number of audiences. Posting it once might have people missing to view it. Facebook keeps refreshing its NewsFeed. Tweets have a lifespan of only 20-25 minutes. What about those people who weren’t active during that time? So, post the update that performed really well again and again.

Use these tips and techniques to make the most of your social media accounts. Also, spend a little on advertising what you publish. You need promotion for any kind of effective marketing. So, invest in hiring the best social media marketing services from one of the top companies in Bangalore to help you have an effective plan and incredible success.


It is highly important to have highly-shareable content on your social account. For this, you need to first find such content. You can do this by using user generated content, hashtag tracking, curation tools and content from influencers. You must also find out the best time for publishing your content and must also make sure to repost the best content repetitively.