How to Increase Page Views and Reduce Bounce Rates?

You may think that bringing visitors onto a site is the most difficult task after creating a website. But, a bigger difficulty is having the visitors stay for a longer time on your site and reducing bounce rates. You may see visitors coming to your page but, not staying there for long and quickly navigating away. Why is this so? You may be having amazing content to share and a great design too but, you might still be facing this problem. Don’t worry. Follow the tips we bring to you in this article and you won’t be complaining any more.


Avoid long posts

First of all remember that even if you have excellent content, viewers won’t be reading it if it is a very lengthy one. Chunks of content placed on a page are very boring to read. Add images and infographics to your blogs and cut down the content to the minimum. Even if you wish to write down all you have thought of, break the content into multiple short articles rather than having a single elongated one. Short articles add interest for the users and then you can advise them to read your next article for more information. If the readers are interested, they will definitely read the next one and then the next and so on. This way, you will be able to compel readers to read the entire content but, in an interesting way. Also, this will increase the time they spend on your site and also your page views.

Use fragments of content on your home page

Just like it is recommended to split long posts into many tiny ones, it is also suggested to quit having entire length of any blog on the home page. Use a fragment of your blogs on the home page, to give your readers a glimpse of what you have to offer. Leave the fragment incomplete by adding the “Read more” button at the bottom. Those who find the fragment interesting will want to go to the page were the entire blog is posted. This will again increase page views and keep the visitors interested. Also, this reduces the loading time of your home page. This is a benefit because visitors don’t stay for more than 5-10 seconds on a page if it takes time to load. So, if you have lots of content on your home page, it will increase the loading time, which will result in higher bounce rates.

Suggest some related posts at the end of every blog

If you have blogs that in some way or the other relate to the blog your visitor is on, make sure to mention it at the end of the blog. For example, if the reader is on a blog that shows the benefits of buying a villa, at the end of this post, give a suggestion to the reader to go to the blog which talks about how to decorate a home. A person who is looking to buy a villa will definitely decorate it after purchase. So, he would consider reading your suggested blog in search of new ideas. This technique will keep readers interested and will increase page views and the time users spend on your site. Don’t forget to add this ‘Related posts’ or ‘Suggested posts’ section in every blog you write.

Utilize your sidebar effectively

You have the sidebar space on your site. Use it effectively to increase page views. How? By simply mentioning a section about the most popular or most liked posts on your site. This will interest the users to know what is in the post that made it the most popular and most liked one. You can keep updating this section every week or every fortnight.

All the above mentioned tips will bring a better user experience, which means happy users, and users who are happy to be with you, will consider coming to your site again. The more the users are on your site for a longer time, the more search engines will consider you. Thus, by following the above mentioned tips, you can improve your SEO. For more assistance and better search engine optimization services, you can get in touch with Jain Technosoft, who has a professional team that works on a multi-step process that ensures high ranking of your site in search engines and also improves your conversion rates. They will help you stay on top of SERPs for a longer period of time.


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