What Are The Features Of A ‘Good Link Profile’?

According to Google’s algorithm, a link profile of a website is one of the major reasons for a site’s higher ranking. A link profile is more than just backlinks. A good link profile has lots of high authority links and no spammy links.

Here are the features of a good link profile:

Anchor text

As we know that backlinks are the most important aspect of a good link profile. Similarly, the most important feature of backlinks is anchor text. Branded anchor texts are those which include the brand name of the company. A link profile that shows diversity in the form of branded anchor texts is what Google considers a good link profile.

Authorized linking sites

The value of a website increases when it receives a link from a high authority site. Also, the link should be one that can be followed. If it is a link with the “nofollow” tag, Google does not transfer PageRank or anchor text across these links. This causes a drop in the target links.

Relevant linking sites

The backlinks for a site must come from sites with a similar topic. A good link profile has links with relevant content that surrounds the anchor. When a site has relevant links from sites that are in its niche and when the content displayed is also closely related to its niche, the value of the site increases.

Internal linked pages

It is important that links connect deeper with the site’s structure. Generally, the links always connect to the website’s homepage. But, it is necessary that the internal pages of the site are also strengthened with backlinks in order to provide higher authority of the site as a whole. The deeper the link goes into a website’s structure, the more valuable it is in a link profile. Hence, it is important for you to provide strong content, which will provide linkable value for those internal pages. If your website has links to a majority of your pages like Homepage, About Us, Contact, Blog and other pages, it signals that you have a good link profile. A good website has many linked pages. The broader the distribution and diversity of linked pages, the stronger the link profile.

Number of links to a page

As we read earlier, the more links a page receives, the better. But, this is not effective if the links got are all from the same site. Multiple links from a single site do not add value to your site. Getting many links from one site is not harmful but, neither is it profitable. You will want links to your pages from different sites.

No paid links

People are paying to get more links in order to get high page rankings. Links are bought, paid and sold, which is a very wrong practice. Paid links are actually spam. And, if Google finds out the presence of paid links in your link profile, you will be highly penalized.

Now that you understand the features of a good link profile, you will know better what strategies to use. But, one of the most important things to keep in mind is good content marketing. Great content brings more links.

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