SEM vs. Social Media. Which will help you achieve your marketing goals?

Beyond the traditional marketing methods of including your web address on your business card and other printed materials, there are two primary methods to drive traffic to your site: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing.

With limited budgets or limited time, which is the right strategy for your Company? Let’s have a look at some of the important points.

  • Audience behaviors in search vs. social media

Understand how people behave both on social media and search engines, review data such as when they use each and what they do or look for in search vs. social media. Compare the queries people use on search and social media. Once you have a good grasp of your audience behaviors on search and social media, think about the roles of search and social media and align them to your digital marketing projects.

Social impacts on SEO

We now see more impact from social media on the organic search results i.e. social sharing, reviews, authorship, etc. We have to admit that user-generated content such as a customer’s review on a product or a service is one of the biggest factors that impact buying behavior. Social media can actually help in your link building and contribute to raising your rank on search results. Digital marketing strategy should leverage the social activities and social assets to improve the organic search performance.

  • Integrate search and social 

As long as you think of search and social media as separate projects and place them in silos, you won’t see the maximum impact of your business. The search keywords, social conversations and the target audience behaviors are some of the key information that you should be sharing between the two.

  • Set the best practice and make Sure everyone follow it

Next step is to pull all the findings, goals and process into a best practice guide for your digital marketing team and provide the training so that everyone understands it, and enforce the guide among all concerned parties.


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