Best WordPress Backup Plugins

What if your website goes down for a few minutes? What if you lose all the data on your site without any prior warning? Even the thought of it is frightening, isn’t it? You can’t afford to be losing all your data just like that! But, this might happen to you at anytime. Now, you may wonder what can cause a website to fail. There may be a variety of reasons like improper coding, malware infection, payment delays/failure, or accidental data deletion. So, do you have any preventive measures for this situation? For those who haven’t yet, we are here to help you learn about a variety of WordPress plugins that you can use to backup your pages, photos, posts and all that is present on your WordPress site. You need a plugin that helps in backup of your site, easy restoring and automated functions. Here is an extensive list of such plugins that you can choose from.



This plugin is developed by Automattic, which is the parent company of WordPress, this being the biggest advantage. Along with automated backups, it also conducts security scans everyday to make sure that your website is completely safe. Both real-time and daily syncing by VaultPress ensures that you have the backup of the latest version.


Used by more than 85,000 WordPress websites, this plugin automatically backs up your site when any new changes are introduced. It facilitates individual file backup and easy restore. The entire backup is stored to Dropbox, which are made secure with encryption.


This plugin has protected more than half a million WordPress websites since 2010! It facilitates an easy full site backup, which can be scheduled based on the user’s convenience. The backup files and data with BackupBuddy can be stored in an offsite location, and the backup procedures notify the users with email notifications.

Backup Guard

This is an easy-to-use plugin that simplifies the backup and restore processes. It facilitates unlimited backup and restores with a single click, thus indicating a quick process. It also facilitates customized backups where the users can choose specific folders for keeping a backup.


With its easy-to-use interface and security, UpdraftPlus can backup large files from large sites by distributing data in different archives. Its easy-to-use dashboards can remotely control the backup database that are stored on different platforms like UpdraftPlus Vault, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, etc.


One of the most trusted plugins, BackWPup allows complete backup of all files and data, with the facility of scheduling automatic backups. Your site can be backup-ed to Microsoft Azure or Amazon S3, and the backup database and logs can be tracked via email.


Using automated restoring tools, this plugin helps recover your files unlimitedly facilitated by a single account. All your data and files are encrypted and stored safely with 256 bit encryption. Moreover, the backup files are compressed to 10% of the size of the original.


You may either backup your site instantly or schedule it for a later date with Duplicator. With a large database support, Duplicator can clone a site from different locations. It has easy backup and restore processes with email notifications to keep the users updated.

WP Time Capsule

This plugin will backup your website everyday to Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon S3. It backs up only the files in which changes have been made, rather than storing the entire site every time. It restores data based on revision history.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

The name of this plugin itself says that it automatically uploads the backup of your WordPress site to Dropbox. You can customize backups by choosing specific files for storage. With quick and easy install, you can store your backup in locations that are convenient for you.

WP Clone

As the name says, you can copy or clone your WordPress site to another domain or server with WP Clone. This plugin keeps a backup and restores only the user content instead of storing all the system files.

You need to choose the right plugin that can perform the job for you absolutely well without any compromises in security. Do not delay the task of backing up your site and data whatsoever the condition. You must immediately seek the help of proficient WordPress Web developers in Bangalore if you have no idea about backing up your site, so that they can do it for you without any risk to your data.


You may lose website data without any prior notice for any reason whatsoever. Thus, you need to take preventive measures beforehand like using WordPress backup plugins that help to backup your site. Choose the most appropriate plugin from this extensive list.


What Are The Basic Principles Of Branding?

A brand is the identity of your business. It speaks about what you are and what you do. Branding is very important in order to develop recognition for your business so that you can thrive in this competitive world. But, before starting off, it is important that you understand the basic principles that your brand must suffice.



Speaking of any design, the first thing that comes to mind is its appearance. In case of branding, the appearance will include the business logo, colour scheme, its design, images, fonts and all other stationery. Appearance is what creates a first impression. It is this first impression that highly decides whether your prospective client stays on your website or moves on.


If your website contains blogs or any other content format, then content becomes one of the very important aspects of building a brand. Blog posts are likely to be indexed higher in SERPs and shared further on social media platforms. And, if you have the right content, you can definitely attract a large number of potential clients. Remember, all that you write is going to be a reflection of your business. So, make sure to have content of the highest quality.


You must be able to target your potential clients with your brand. Your clients must be able to understand how your business relates to their requirements, and the value that your business offers them. You must stand out from the rest of the crowd to prove that your brand is diverse. In order to attract more customers, you need to first understand who you want to target and what kind of audience they are. This means you will need to do a lot of research. You may speak to your existing customers to understand why they believe in you and what more they expect from you. This will help you make any appropriate changes if required.


Reputation is about how others perceive you. Obviously you can have no control over what people think about you but, you definitely have complete control over what you say and do. Whatever you do has a great impact on the opinions of the audience. So, you must understand what your customers want from you and deliver what you promise them. Put in your best to deliver what your brand’s message guarantees. Make sure never to break the trust that your customers have on you.


Your website has a great appearance, is relevant enough and has a good number of customers. Everything seems to be alright. Your customers know where they are and what they are reading, which is why they are on your site. Now, they have built an image about you in their minds, and when they plan to return to you the next time, they expect the same consistency from you that you have shown them now. And, what if you fail to meet their expectations? In order to avoid this situation, you need to remember that everything you have on your site should reinforce your brand. Moreover, all that you keep updating should also maintain a consistent tone. While meeting the needs of your clients, make sure you are not too flexible to have your brand’s message adulterated.


You need to be able to be found and seen, and for that you need to build up your presence to reach a wider set of audience. You need to market and promote your business through advertising. Make sure that while you are invest in advertising, the medium that you use targets your potential clients. Social media is a great way to build an online presence. Use this most popular yet inexpensive method to reach out to a large set of online audience.

Remember that it takes lots of efforts and time to be able to build a brand and your presence in the market. Don’t expect results to show up just like that. You can have an experienced branding company to help transform your business through outstanding brand strategies and marketing plans to deliver strength, innovation and professionalism to your clients.


Branding requires lots of time and effort. You need to work upon its appearance, content and relevance in order to attract a large set of audience. Build up a reputation and make sure to maintain the consistency so as not to lose your clients. Also, out in efforts to make your presence felt.


4 Tools To Find Out The Amount Of Traffic A Website Gets

There are various reasons why you may want to find out how much traffic a website is getting. It may be because you want to check how much traffic other websites in your niche are getting so that you can compete with them. It may be because you want to start up a website and want to research the niche to find out how much people are interested. Whatever the reason may be, there are many ways you can find out traffic data of a particular site. Although it is difficult to measure the traffic of a site accurately but, there are many tools that can give you approximate values of page views and unique visitors. Listed below are 4 of the best tools.


Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the best tools for monitoring website statistics. You can use the Display Planner to learn about a site’s traffic and demographics. You can monitor worldwide stats as well as stats by region. You can get all the basic stats with Google Adwords like page views, unique visitors, demographic details and more. To get the information, you need to go to Display Planner and sign in with your Google Account. Then, you need to put in the site’s domain for which you want to get the information in the search box. Remove geographic targeting to see global traffic, and click ‘Get Placement Ideas’. This will show you the average impressions per week of the domain.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush helps to find information about your competitors’ paid ad campaign and other details. You can get lots of information revolving around organic search traffic for any website. All you do is put in the website URL and you will know how that particular site has fared in organic search over time. You can split this data by country, which will let you know which sites are sending traffic. You can also check for keywords that are bringing the most visitors. You can estimate how much traffic a website gets for every keyword based on position and search volume.


Alexa tracks statistics for those who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Thus, the data represented is not very accurate but, it gives a rough idea of a website’s popularity. Based on a combined measure of page views and unique visitors, Alexa gives estimates on the number of search analytics, audience information, bounce rate and much more. If you use Chrome, you can install the Alexa extension; if you use Firefox, you can get the Alexa add-on; and if you use Internet Explorer, you can download the Alexa toolbar.


SimilarWeb is a website traffic checker that is more accurate than the others with lots of more details. It gives you a line graph with values for the number of daily unique visitors and the sources. You can learn about the site’s traffic, countries that are sending the most traffic, how much time users spend on a site, keywords that bring in organic referrals, top referring sites, top destination sites, audience interests, display ads and much more.


If you are worried about your position and ranking on the Web, and you are not getting the desired traffic on your site, then let the best SEO company in Bangalore help you with their proven SEO strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the number of visitors to your site & obtain a high rank on SERPs.


Keeping an eye on your competitors’ websites is important. You can keep a check on the amount of traffic they are getting, their page views, unique visitors, ranking keywords, bounce rates and much more by using tools like Google AdWords, SEM Rush, Alexa and SimilarWeb.

Lessons from beautiful Web pages

What Are The Most Important Features For A Successful Home Page?

Have you been investing all your time in building the most beautiful website pages that appeal to the eyes of the visitors? Do you think this is what will attract them? In a way, yes! But, having only a beautiful page will not help to retain the visitors. In order for them to convert into a customer or subscriber, you need something more. The best web design company knows that there needs to be great marketing and functionality on a home page that will help in conversions. Remember that it is not always the most beautiful homepages that help. At times, it is seen that even the most hideous website converts better than a better-looking website. So, it isn’t necessary that you have the most stunning homepage to make it successful. Obviously, work towards making it pleasing to the eyes but, here are many other important features you need to focus upon.

Lessons from beautiful Web pages


The first thing visitors will notice about you is your brand. How your logo is designed, what colour, fonts and styling is used, and how it relates to your niche is very important. Create a logo with simplistic yet attractive fonts, use the colours that blend with your product/service range and make sure the logo represents your goals and target. Build a feeling of trust and confidence within the minds of the visitors for your brand.


Imagine great chunks of text all over a page. How much does this interest you? And, what if you have a relevant image or two along with the content? Obviously, it will give a break to the tedious-looking page and retain visitors for longer to go through your content. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to put images plainly anywhere on the page. Place relevant photos strategically so that the eyes of the visitors are immediately drawn to the most important places and keeps them engaged.


You need to have clear call-to-action elements on your page to let visitors know what you want them to exactly do. Provide clear Subscribe here, Buy now, Download, Sign up and other buttons to let them know what to click next. Also, if possible, provide only a single call-to-action on the homepage so that visitors don’t get confused with multiple offerings.

Proof and reviews

Visitors want to be highly satisfied and sure before wanting to convert. They need to be assured that they are going to get the best from you. If you already have a significant number of happy customers, make sure to get a few great reviews from them posted on your homepage. Also, provide some kind of proof as to how you have been giving your customers the best. For example, if your business relates to hair therapy services, provide picture proofs of how your clients were before they got your services and how they look now after you healed them. But, whatever you do, make sure you do not provide false proofs or fake reviews.


The language you use should be able to compel visitors to believe and trust you. Use words that focus on the benefits your customers will achieve from you. Use strong phrases that will tell them in brief about how your products/services are going to transform their living, and make sure to highlight them – maybe in a different colour, different font size or by bolding the specific words to attract immediate attention.

Time count

Have you seen how eCommerce websites show a clock counting down the seconds before the onset or termination of a grand sale? This clock creates anxiety in the visitors to know what the sale will be offering when a few minutes are left for the sale to open, or to shop immediately for their favourite products before the sale runs out. This is a tried and tested marketed technique where your users know that time is running out and they thus, take appropriate action.


If you have your blogs featured on websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post, who wouldn’t trust you? Endorsements create a big sense of belief in the minds of visitors because they can see that such high-quality and renowned websites have vouched for you. So, make sure to highlight these endorsements to help remove a sense of fear that visitors may have before providing you their important information like email address and other details.

Designing For Mobility Is More Important Than Designing For Mobile

We have just got hold of the tools and methodologies required for designing a great app. But now, we realize that there are many more ‘smart’ devices come up in the market like smart watches, sensors, heart-rate monitors, etc. All these devices are making the field of Internet and connectivity even more complex than ever. With all these devices coming up and seeing a great future ahead, it seems like designers will be required to design for mobility, not mobile alone.


Internet technologies have become so advanced that it knows what you do, where you live, what you like and all about your online behaviour. For example, you know how Facebook realizes that you have logged in from an unknown device or how online stores work on geo-locations or your online shopping patterns and behaviour, and give you the best personalized shopping experience. There is a long list of such devices that know a lot about you like smartwatches, heart-rate monitors, pedometers, fitness wristbands and more. Do you realize how much a user’s environment and behaviour is captured with all that is available on these devices all together?

We all know that screens are getting smaller day by day but, more capable. Designers need to adapt to what the users want and need. To adapt to all the different screen sizes, the Internet came up with responsive designs. When we speak of responsiveness, it is sad that we limit the term to only being able to adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions, while the actual meaning of the term is being able to respond and establish a good communication with the user. Responsiveness is satisfying the needs of the user in a better way after obtaining information from them. Users give their information with the belief that they will be able to get value in exchange. If you want a responsive website for your business, get in touch with the Best Responsive Web Design Company who understands the correct sense of responsiveness and will help you deliver the best kind of website for your business.

Let us take an example of smartwatches, which aim to reduce the time we stare at screens so as to consume only the required information needed at that time with the help of notifications. There are three things typical about notifications. Firstly, they are simple and brief. Secondly, they interrupt the user without wanting them to request for something. And thirdly, they have limited design capability so that they can fit different screens appropriately. Good notifications do not require access to the full app. For example, Android notifications are rich, excellently designed and actionable. Thus, strong emphasis needs to be laid on the value delivered to the users by service and content providers rather than the design of the app. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that apps will disappear altogether. But, designing ‘notification-first’ apps will increase the value of the app, which will have you focusing on valuable information first and layouts and colours second. However, designers must remember that notifications should deliver useful content to the users and not those that keep interrupting them every time.

All this concludes that designers need to be context-aware. Techniques like field research, shadowing and contextual inquiry are becoming more important than ever because the environment is getting more and more unpredictable. Designers, therefore, need to be thorough and careful about whom they are designing for and what they are designing.


How To Share The Best Content On Your Social Media Accounts?

If you are having a tough time finding content that is highly-shareable for your social media accounts, we are here to help you. Here are some ways on how you can find the best content that your audience will love and some other techniques on how you can increase the likelihood of your content to be one that is highly-shareable.


How to find the best shareable content?

Use user generated content

Social media marketing strategies highly depend upon user generated content, which include blog posts, reviews, polls, quizzes, surveys, webinars, contests, etc. For example, people while considering purchasing a product or service, would like to hear from others who have already used the same. This would be a higher trust factor for potential customers. So, it is highly recommended to use user generated content but, most importantly, only after asking for the users’ permission to do so otherwise they might feel that you are violating their privacy rights.

Share what your audience likes

Share content that a great part of the audience is already inclining towards. You can use the hashtag tracking technique to find out what content is interesting them. You can use tools that automatically show the content that is getting most popular for a particular hashtag. Obviously, you need to be careful with this technique because it isn’t necessary that what is trending with the audience is good enough to share. You need to be aware of what is in the news and discussions.

Use curation tools

Curation tools are those that can be set up to automatically find and share content that fits certain parameters like keyword matching, hashtag usage, etc. But, you must be very careful with such automatic tools because you can’t completely depend on them. These tools may post any and every thing they find fitting your parameters, which could even include anything weird or inappropriate.

Use content from influencers

Share the content that influencers post. If you want to follow a particular influencer and you trust that whatever he will post is sure to be appropriate and honourable, you can set up social media sharing tools that will let you automatically share whatever he publishes. But again, you need to be very careful with such tools too. Use them only if you are very confident of the influencer.

What other techniques should you implement?

Find the best time for publishing

You need to plan which is the best time for publishing your content so that a maximum number of audiences can view it. You may check on your analytics data to find out the best time. Or, you may try posting at different times of the day and week to see which time slot works the best for you. You may rely on the studies that have found out the best time to post on particular social media platforms but remember, your audience may behave differently from the general audience.

Repost the best content

You put in so much effort and time to create a perfect social media update. What for? Just to post it once? This is not enough. Repost your content multiple times to bring it in front of a high number of audiences. Posting it once might have people missing to view it. Facebook keeps refreshing its NewsFeed. Tweets have a lifespan of only 20-25 minutes. What about those people who weren’t active during that time? So, post the update that performed really well again and again.

Use these tips and techniques to make the most of your social media accounts. Also, spend a little on advertising what you publish. You need promotion for any kind of effective marketing. So, invest in hiring the best social media marketing services from one of the top companies in Bangalore to help you have an effective plan and incredible success.


It is highly important to have highly-shareable content on your social account. For this, you need to first find such content. You can do this by using user generated content, hashtag tracking, curation tools and content from influencers. You must also find out the best time for publishing your content and must also make sure to repost the best content repetitively.


All You Need To Know About Website Hacking

Every website owner wants to rank on the first page of SERPs. You may be one of them and have been working hard to get to the top. It may have been possible that you managed to reach where you wanted to and then suddenly, you find that your site has lost its ranking. One of the major cause of this could be that your site has been hacked. You need to know that hacking can pull down your website’s ranking heavily, and it will take you a long time before  you can get rid of the spam and get back to the top.


Hackers want to use your passwords, identity, banking information, credit card information and more, and get rich quickly. Or, they want to use your website for pirated software, pirated music, phony prescription drugs and more. These cyber criminals first identify vulnerability in software and then create another software that exploits the vulnerability. They then send their created program onto the Web to attack websites that have the vulnerable software. If your site is one of those, then it gets attacked. Once the hackers have gained access to your site, they may spam your site or install malware.

Once you have created a website, you need to maintain it regularly. For example, if you have a WordPress website, any vulnerability in the WordPress core software, themes or plug-ins will lead to hacking your website too. So, if you don’t regularly install updates, you become an easy target for hackers. Outdated software is the most common reason found to be prone to hacks. So, make sure to keep updating and maintaining your website to keep it healthy.

If you are unable to maintain and upgrade your site, and are infected with malicious software, Google will blacklist your site. Your site will be flagged or removed, resulting in a significant drop in your rankings. Google blacklists around 10,000 websites daily, so you can imagine how hackers are attacking websites on such a high basis. Make sure your website is not prone to such attacks because if you are blacklisted, you will lose around 95% of traffic on your site.

Has your site been hacked?

This is one question you need to find an answer to. On your site’s search results, if you see a warning saying ‘This site may harm your computer’, you can be sure that your site has been hacked. If you still click on this link, you will see a message saying “Danger: Malware ahead!”

If you have an account in Google Webmaster Tools, Google will alert you for any malicious activity in your account. It will also send notifications to your domain email accounts.

If you haven’t received any alerts or notifications but, you still want to check for any malicious activity, you can visit the Search Engine Ranking Report site and use the free Malware Scanner tool.

How to fix the hacks?

If you have found hacks on your site, you will want to fix the issues. Obviously it will cost you thousands of rupees and sometimes lakhs but, you need to get it corrected. It will take a lot of time to get rid of the malicious code, rebuild your content and getting de-blacklisted but again, it needs to be done. Apart from keeping your site updated and backing up your site regularly, you also need to invest in some real-time monitoring, which will check for malicious activity on your site and fix and clean it instantly.


As you know, prevention is better than cure. So, always go for highly secured website and backup system in place, so that Google loves your website. Jain Technosoft is one such name in the industry that has an expert team of professionals who can take care of your website’s security and also rank the website on the top of search results for longer.